There’s nothing more durable, more natural, or more breathtaking than the beauty f natural stone. EGE Travertine Marble & Mining brings that beauty to you from Turkey where thwe main centre of travertine located. Nowhere can you capture to variety and quality of travertine manufactured to a luxury, high end tiles than at EGE Travertine Marble & Mining. With on of the whitest travertine quarry in the World, EGE Travertine is offering you the pureness, quality and beauty of the natural World.

With our leading edge numeric control equipped manufacturing facility, EGE Travertine is ready and will deliver all size of tile you need for your residential clients and your large construction projects. The factory has been doing their travertine, marble, and onyx exporting to more than 35 countries in the world since 2002.

EGE Travertine Marble & Mining, has own White quarry. To deal with a quarry owner, has a big advantages such as you can receive the consistant material even years pass. With our drilling results, we will have these travertine quarry for many years. Quarry and factory, we aim to make happy and satisfy our customers.